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Constant runny nose from one nostril, why?
I have a constant runny nose out of one nostril, I don't know why it is just my right nostril. It was been constant for 2 days now. Does anyone know why?
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Please be serious.

cuz u are sick

i know why but i would no like to tell u as,the other nose wil be running!!!lol!!!!:P


Emma C
You've got a common house cold, GAWD!

i dont know, try benadril, a claritin

Paul S
Been there!

If you have a cold it will go away! I normally get a bit of tissue and bung it up there! It's horrible but if your only at home it stops the damned annoying constant sniffing/wiping!

Don't know why but happens to me all the time. Stand over a sink, and hold or press the nostril that's not runny, and blow the runny nostril over the sink. Then wash yourself with water.

Also if you are sneezing, hold the non-runny nostril and sneeze out of the runny nostril, so all the gunk comes out.

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