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Day and night constant nose blowing, my chest whistles and sometimes hurt, and feels so conjested! I can't get rid of this I've had antiboatics and I feel I've been living of them it ...

 Sore nose :(?
My nose is getting really blocked like with mucus (bogys) i no it sounds discusing but i clean it out obviously by blowing. Its real bad on a morning and then bungs up again its not a cold because i ...

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 Are there any safe, natural remedies for sinus infections and congestion? Lots of mucous in my throat.?
I have headaches associated with this. It feels like the mucous is a thick ball in the back of my throat that won't break loose. Can you give me any suggestions?...

 Benadryl One a Day Releif - Side Effects?
These are the antihistamines that come in a orange coloured box (Cetirizine Hydrochloride). I know we are all different but did any of you have any side effects taking these tablets? Drowsiness, feel ...

 What is dust, and why doesn't the world run out of it?

 Allergy Question?
Is it possible to build up one's immunities to a point at which they can overcome their allergies? I ask this because i used to be allergic to freshly cut grass but after mowing lawns for three S...

 Does it mean something is wrong with my eyes when only one of them water, swells, and gets irritated?
I have a pretty bad cold right now and I'm sneezing, congested, and my EYE (not eyes) is watering like crazy! I used to get really bad allergies before I figured out what I was allergic to and ...

 Is there any type of test to detect food allergies?
Other than guess and checking....

 Does this sound like a food allergy?
The last time I had a milkshake I had a bad pain in the middle of my chest, right in between of my ribcage, as well as a migraine headache that lasted 2 days. I ate cheese the other day, and the same ...

 How do the symptoms for lactose intolerance progress?
I think my 4 year old daughter is developing an intolerance to lactose. She has been complaining of off-and-on pains in her stomach for the last month or so, and just this weekend threw up twice ...

 Random swelling of the lips?? I think i may be allergic to something?? Anybody experience this also???

 How long does Benadryl Allergy last in the body? I took two pills, and I am 15 and 135 pounds. :]?
I took them at 12:15, I want to know how long I will be tired for. Will i be tired when I wake up? and if so, for how long? Holla !...

 Bloody nose?
i got in a fight at school today and got punched in my nose. and my nose is still bleeding. is there anything better i can do than just blowing my noe with tissues? (by the way if you want to know ...

 How serious is an itching reaction when taking coedine?
I have had a terrible cough the past week and I was given a cough syrup that has codeine in it. Whenever I take codeine I itch. How serious is this reaction? I was reading on WebMD and they classify ...

 Which states are best for allergy sufferers?
states with the fewest allergy sufferers. Where should people with seasonal allergies ...

 Why s it that everytime after i drink orange, pineapple juice or the likes i got sore throat then colds, cough
Im experiencing this all the time after i drink those kind of juices, even eat some orange fruit or citrus and other citric foods. even minty kind of foods. It gives me sore throat then colds then ...

 How do i get rid of the itchy stuff in my throat thats making me cough none stop???
Ok, so i have the cold and this itchy thing in my throat keeps coming and going and whenever it comes it makes me cough really loud and i really have to cough it out.

But if i try to stop ...

 Me and my friend need help!?
Me and my friend are really sick and we do not know what it is.

Snotty nose
nose bleeds
red face
can't breathe through nose
pink eye
strep ...

Why do NUTS make me bloated?
Aren't nuts easy to digest? It's just that they take long to digest.
Whenever I have nuts (soaked or un-soaked) I get very bloated and gassy (very uncomfortable). It doesn't matter whether I have it on an empty stomach or combine it with other foods. Quantity doesn't matter either.
Could this mean that I am allergic to nuts? My mouth doesn't itch or swell though... It's mainly digestive related.

Thank you!

Mr Pauly Paul
What's with the EMPHASIS on these particular WORDS?

Doctor Acupressure
May be by over-eating nuts, ur body can develop allergy. however, u can as well cross check.


u can select ur own foods, whether suitable to u or not with the aid of acupressure techniques.

• First stand straight, keep ur left hand fist closed on the heart, outstretch ur right hand parallel to the ground. Ask some one to pull down ur right hand as much as possible.Now, keep the eatable in ur left hand palm and close the left fist and keep it on ur heart and then outstretch ur right hand parallel to the ground.Ask some one to pull down ur right hand. now, if this eatable is beneficial to ur body, resistance power shall increase. If it is harmful ur resistance power shall decrease/reduce and ur right hand shall come down.

in case of a drink, u can keep it in a metal utensil, like copper and do so as explained above. In this fashion, u can identify the foods which are suitable or not to ur body; not withstanding the disease conditions].
With best compliments from www.saioam.com

either its too salty, or it just doesnt agree with your stomach

You may have Crohn's Disease. Does it also happen after you eat corn or undercooked vegetables or fruit? Because those are symptoms of Crohn's Disease. People with the disease have trouble digesting certain foods such at nuts, corn, fruit and vegetables.

No..Nuts are the WORST Thing to Digest. Stop eating them, and I guarantee you to feel a difference. I used to get Heartburn from Peanuts and Almonds. Later they turned into a full-blown allergy of swollen throat and tongue. Avoid it now, before it gets worse.

all allergies are NOT the same...I'd tell you to stop the nuts...(sometimes an allergy is an upset stomach and not anything else...it's your body trying to tell you NOT to eat something.)

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