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 Im sick and i saw marks all over me (like ants bit my body-marks). woke up with swollen eyes. whats wrong? :(?
maybe im allergic to something that i drank to cure my flu?
they look like cloud marks-kinda like rashes. it happened to me before but never had i had my eyes swollen (only the tip near my nose)....

 Is this picture real?
My husband and I are debating over whether or not this picture is real. I cannot see how it could be real but he insists that it is. Someone please help me out.


 How do i get acne gone by tommorow?
Tommorow i get pictures and i dont have a lot but i have some zits i want gone. anything that works gets 1-10 pts....

 Help with ACNE??
I am a 12-year-old sixth grader, and I have had zits and other blemishes for FOUR years now. I have tried Clear Pores, Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, ProActiv, AcneFree, Clearasil, and so much more. I...

 What are Hickey?
I got a Hickey a few days a go and its purple to light pink and i was woundering how long it;s will take to go a way?...

 Does anyone know what foods held reduce Psoriasis, or what foods to cut out ?
I've changed to goats milk and that hasen't helped much, My Psoriasis always comes in winter time and its a pain....

 What acne treatments/products actually works (from personal experiences please)?

 I came across this odd suggestion for sweaty hands...does it work?
soak your hands in vinegar for 30 minutes
rub salt on them to dry them out
put ketchup on them to moistorize for 20 minutes then rinse with really hot (like boiling) water
then POOF ...

 Help me on this problem. My dad has these rashes on his skin and neck?
The rashes are red and bumppy. My dad went to ask someone about it but I guess they couldn't help or something. I think its poison oak. He was cleaning out side (the other day) and he got these ...

 Whats the best medicine/cure for dandruff?
This dandruff has been pessistant for the past fifteen years, every time the hair grows, the head skin starts to eich and iam forced to cut the hair....

 Sun burnt?
i have a really bad sunburn. it doesnt hurt but when i like lean up against the back of the couch it hurts. im shivering constantly and im cold but kant put on any other clothes or cover up. do you ...

 Acne! Acne! Acne! Acne! Help! HELPP!!!!!!!!?
I have moderate acne, it just gets worse and worse it seems everyday. They are spreading everywhere and they are getting bigger and redder and they hurt. I am plagued, i've tried everything ...

 Have you taken a bath or a shower this year ?

 What is medically wrong with my husband?
My husband is a recovering alcoholic. After his many years of alcohol abuse and almost dieing a couple of times he is doing better. However, now he has had bleeding gums, edema and bleeding under ...

 Can anyone reccomend a good hand lotion as my hands get really dry in the wintertime.thanks?
over the counter types....

 Hairy legs? ew?
So Im a 16 year old girl, I have been shaving since I was like 13, and I have like dark brown hair...half Itailian...

and like even right after shaving my legs, there are I guess its the ...

 Flakes??? got loads even if I wash my hair every other day. need help to get rid of flakes.Thanks?
I have used Ketokonazole shampoo which was recommended by my GP.but it didn't help.
Additional Details
I think this info would help too. recently, I had a 2 weeks holiday in Bali....

 Why do you leave a scar after a cut?
Pelvic ...

 How do i remove a stye witout surgery?

 This Is Gross..?
Umm dont laugh at me...... or make fun of me and stuff..
It feels like theres worms in my butt...and its very itchy lol

is there any thing i can do... and dont say go buy stuff at ur ...

How can you git rid of spots that come after a zit, usually when you scratch it.?

use windex on it

mmmm.....it depends

Mederma (over the counter in the drug store) or even cocoa butter. It comes in a chapstick-like form now. Exfoliation if your skin isn't too sensitive is good too. But just mild, not really abrasive.

Deb S
That's a scar & they don't go away for a long time & sometimes never.

cocoa butter!

WuTs BeHiNd ThEsE eYeS
coco butter helps, it's a little greasy though.

jo jo
Read tips on treating acne, skincare and home remedies on this site

If it's on another part of your body besides your face, like, say your leg, cover it so you don't scratch by accident, after you have washed it and dried it well, with a bandage or piece of clean tape. If it's on your face, wash your hands every half hour to remind yourself to not scratch, then if when you do, at least your hands will be clean, hopefully.
When they start to heal put a white, antibiotic ointment on it to prevent scars.... don't worry, they'll all disappear one day...

It's important that you leave zits alone, this can cause bruising, which in turn causes more problems. You then also risk the chance of a little infection. If you scratch it you will only be causing the healing process to take longer.

Paul W
First off, don't scratch the zit off. You're tearing skin away from an already sensitive area. If you have to touch it, wait until it becomes white at the top and apply somewhat firm pressure on both sides of the zit to try and pop it. If it won't pop after squeezing twice, leave it alone; it isn't ready yet. LOL. If you do pop it, apply some Neosporin to it, or some other cream for cuts.

The BEST THING TO DO is not to touch the acne at all and just clean with an astringent and then light layer of acne cream. Keeping the affected area clean of oils is important.

If you want to get rid of acne scars, you can get Maderma which is a scar lotion. If it's real bad, you should talk to a dermatologist.

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