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I am realy worried. I noticed yesterday that it was half the size and I woke up today to find that is it i bigger. please help

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Soft lense
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im 15 and a boy im very scared.The doctor said i might have Pink Eye or Conjuctavites but he hasnt seen me. He said leave ur contacts off for 2 days and come see me. Now my parents are telling me its ...

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anyone? haha idk im just bored XD...

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whats it called when you close your eye slightly to see better?
i just completely forgot the term for when you strain you eyes to see better


Paul MB
When light passes through a lens, the central light rays go straight through. The light rays to the side, away from the center are bent, and they cross that straight light ray somewhere beyond the lens. The more powerful the lens, the closer the light rays focus.

If you squint to see, you are pinhole-ing, which makes the side light rays blocked by your lids. This removes the near or far sightedness up to a point, and eliminates the astigmatism if any. You can put three fingers together and form a small hole, and looking through that you'll notice that things are 'clear'.

Another remedy would be to get glasses to correct the nearsightedness, or farsightedness or astigmatism.

Haley B
it means you need glasses and if you find your self doing this get them asap before it gets worse in 6th grade i found myself squinting a bit but ignored it 4 years later i cant see something less that 9 inches farther than me and the whole world is blurry. jeez the day i put on a pair of glasses i saw everything better it was amazing i never realized the detail i was missing before haha :D everything was so vivid and i could see every detail in trees and grass and the board was sooo clear haha ok i will stop now! :D

btw its called squinting or forcing the vision

Team Larten ♥♥♥
That would be called 'squinting'.



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