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 Afraid of shots?
I know I shouldn't be, but I am. I know that they don't hurt that bad but I always get myself all worked up and then I feel stupid. I have to go back in 2 months for another shot and I ...

 What helps relieve the pain of a burn?
burned my finger earlier today, what helps the best?...

 Why do you get a headache after using poppers?

 I have a bump on the back of my head,any ideas?
since i touched this bump on the back of my head(left side)it now hurts,woke up in pain this morning,feels like i have been whacked by a baseball bat and there is a bump about 2 inches round.not sure ...


 What exactly causes muscle cramps?
I went running yesterday and couldn't shake this tight, sharp pain in my stomach...everyone gets them at some point, but what are they caused by and how do we avoid em?
Additional Details

 Whats the best pain relief for toothache for children aged 12years?

 Chest pain, hard to breath for a moment. What could it be?
Hey im 16 but just a few minutes ago i got sore chest pains when i stood up and it was a bit harder to breath... the pain was just my chest and nowhere else but i don't know what it could be? My ...

 Arthiritis pain in winters????
my mother suffers from arthiritis and has severe pain in winters. she is on medication but what can i do to reduce her pain without pain killers....

 Food Poisoning?
What are the signs and symptoms of it and when does it usually go away
Additional Details
Does it sound like it. I was sweating, weak, and I vomited after eating something at a ...

 Does anyone know anything about ankylosing spondolitis?

 HELP IM SOOO SCARED!! please awnser?
Im going to the pediatritian doctor on thursday and I have to get my shots!!!! I have been freaking out. Just looking at the razer sharp needle and the pain and the horrid smell of rubbing achohol ...

 Trapped wind?
i know if might sound silly, but if u think u have trapped wind could it mean u could be pregnant? a girl was talking about this before but i wasnt sure....

 Heat or cold?
My neck and shoulders are in knots from sleeping on them funny. WIll putting a heating pad on them help or hurt?...

 What causes cramps?
Cramps in the stomach, BESIDES being on your period.
Additional Details
okay, not stomach cramps. just all around cramps....

 Really crazy pain?
i have really a loooot of pain in my left arm. its like aomeone is cutting it.... what could it be??...

 What could this be? My arm hurts....?
well last night I had nothing, then I woke up this morning and my arm was hurting.... It feels sore on the shoulder and from the elbow down to my fingers (only on the left hand). I though maybe I ...

 I've been jogging lately and now my knees are killing me!! Is there anything I can do to stop the pain?
Is this a temporary thing? Or permanent? Anything I can do to stop this pain permanantly whenever I start jogging again? Does this mean I have bad knees and there is no stopping this pain whenever I ...

 Do I need to see a doctor about this?
Lately, the top left part of my back has been numb and then it burns. It has been like that for 2 months now. And just 2 days ago, it has been sore. Do I need to see a doctor about this? And what do ...

 Feeling down?
I know this is weird but my eye doctor told me if I continue to damage my eyes by wearing contacts to bed I can't wear them again...

Tell me something that is bad and ...

Why do I get dizzy when I lay flat on my back?
I dont mean a little dizzy. I mean falling head over heals dizzy.. Now its happening when I stand up too. Any ideas?

You may need to drink more water, if you do not have enough water it can make you dizzy. I know this may be a little gross but the way you can tell is if your pee is real dark yellow, then you need more water and maybe some Gatorade. If you have enough water it will be light yellow or clear. Believe it or not I was in the Army for almost 15 years and this is something they would tell us to watch out for.

If that is not the problem definitely get yourself checked out by a Dr. because of the blood pressure or inner ear problem.

Yes it could be a blood pressure problem or a middle ear infection.Get checked out by a doctor.

your blood pressure could be high...

I do care!
You need to get your BP checked it sounds as if it is too low which would give you these symptoms.

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