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 My friend was just describing some problems she has. I'm scared for her...?
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 Did I just have a heart attack?
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 DOCTORS!!! please answer my question.it's a life and death question.!?
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 The doctor says I won't die BUT....?
I experience Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia. My heart rate has been over 300 BPM, which only stops when they give me a shot in an IV of adenosine. They say it cannot kill me because it is atrial, ...

 Was woundering what might be going on with heart?
Im 42 , and I am in excellent shap. I excersice often, but latly I have noticed when I sit back and relaxe , I can feel my heart beating every 20 breaths or so. I don't feel any different, but ...

 How do you lower your blood pressure?

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 What is a HEART MURMER?
No silly replies please!
What is it, how serious is it, and can it be controlled?...

 Sudden high blood pressure...?
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 Scared I am Having a Heart Attack?
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 Would you pray for my daughter please?
she is in the hospital she is 29
her her heart, liver kinneys are felling please pray for a meracle for recovery thank you
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 Can someone cause a persons stroke?

 What causes chess tightness, dizziness, tired, weakness.?
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 My husband is now complaining of frequent chest pains.. what do I do??
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 How do you fix a broken heart?
Its been 1 year.
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I've tried and im still in the same position I was 12 monthes ago:(...

Help! I think theres something wrong with my heart?
I'm 16 years old. This morning after the shower, my chest started to hurt.. Like deep inside ever so often, like after every odd breathe. It went away for the rest of the day.. Until I tried to sleep earlier. I lay down and its back.. its horrible. Is it my heart? Its like a tight ticking pain, and it feels cold. I am not over weight, I am healthy. What if something happens, everyone is asleep? :(
Additional Details
I cant call a doctor!! Its 2am here in the UK! And I told my mother and she said to go back to sleep.. she doesn't think anything can harm me.. but thats not true :( Please! I'm so scared.. I don't want to die!

First off, get something loud you can throw just in case.

The reasoning for this may be because of oily and greasey foods being eaten. I would eat less fast food and more fruit because fruit is known to unclog aoteries(spelling?).

It is probably nothing serious but I would see a doctor if it persists...I had something identical years ago and it went away. Worrying too hard about it isn't good either.

call the doctor and wake yr parents up and tell em

oh..i am sorry for you ..but a check up in this situation is a MUST... hope you be alright...

yes, call the doctor asap. Don't leave it.

see if you have crohn disese cuz it serious

first off, wake someone up.
that's not gooood.
doctor, i guess.
i'm too lazy to go there, but oh well.

You need to tell your parents and go see a doctor ASAP

Georgia B
This could be seriosu or it could jsut be your growth.
You're 16, depends how developed you are that's what could be causing this.
Another thing, you could have something much more serious.

Talk to you're parents.
If they are unknown, call a doctor

You should go to a doctor, actually what you described sounds very familiar, I've also felt this tight pressure in my heart almost like a knot and the pain happened with every breathe I took. I went to a doctor but he didn't find anything. I guess I tend to be paranoid at times, but just to keep your mind off this issue I suggest you have a doctor check it out, you'll feel relieved afterwards. Make sure to jogg often, that's what my doctor recommended, it's a heart booster.

The E
wake up your parents let them know this and call the ambulance unless you think being transported to the er by private auto would be quicker. but you need to get this checked out asap. it could be the oncomming of a stroke, heart attack or a pinched nerve or blocked artery. get it looked at go go go....

Call the doctor.

tulip telo
wake something up. i am no dr but i think it is heart pain

but please dont listen to me. i think u should wake someone up and tell them

that happened to my friend b4 dont panic go see a doctor and let them do some x-rays it can be something not serious like maybe ur breast are growing and its causing that pain.

I had a similiar thing one night my chest started hurting and then I told my mom we waited a couple of days and then we went to a clinic he listen to my lungs and said they were good and he said my heart was fine I just had so much stuff in my throat not enough oxygen was getting to my heart so he gave me meds and now I'm good so if u feel like ur coughing up mucus or mucus is just comin up it could be that

Well i think you'll be alright.

Ive had the same thing and i have zero heart problems.

Now don't forget about it, if it happends alot then call a doctor but if not, just bring it up on your next visit.

Wake your parents up and tell them. It could just be indigestion, but your parents will know if there's a history of heart problems in your family. It's worth waking them up. If you've taken anything that they don't know about, you should let them know because some medications can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat or chest pain.

Egg Chan & A Six Demon Bag
usually the extreme change in tempreture will cause chest pain (when you got in the shower) this is because of a muscular reaction, however it is unusual for it to happen when you are relaxed.
I would seek the advice of a professional Doctor, this does not seem serious but it is best to find out.

Calm down, and relax.
Try not to think about it or panic, that will make your heart beat faster.
If you can't go to sleep call the doctor or ask your mommy/daddy whats wrong

You should always get chest pain checked out quickly, its important. Try not worry, its probably just heartburn, but go and see your doctor / hospital asap.....

Beauty is not skin deep
HOLY CRAP! I had the same problem!!! I went to the doctor and he told me that I pulled something in my chest ( I was carrying a heavy rug). But you should get it checked out. I hated that feeling. Good luck=)

Tell your parents. But it sounds like and anxiety attack. MEdical books describe them as feelings of heart attacks and it feels like you are going to die. Are you stressed out?

In any case go to your parents and have them decide what medical attention you may need.

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