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 My ear piercing started to leak with blood and pus?
Around my piercing i have a ring of like hard fleshy stuff(kind of like a blister) and yesterday my my earring got caught in my blanket and i turned and i guess it popped and blood and pus came out ...

 Would my ance marks go away?

 How old where you when you first "did it"?
how old where you?
where did you do it?
did you like the person you did it with?
are you still with that person?
fill me in =]...

 What to do about Shingles?
I'm speaking of the rash Shingles....

 Eczema tips?
does anyone have anytips to help with eczema. ive tried all sorts of moisterizers, body washes, herbal remedies etc and it keeps coming back, i dont want to go on steriods. suggestions would be great ...

 How do i get rid of a sty under my eye?

 My skin hurts!!??? any ideas? im not sunburned!?
My right leg skin hurts. If I touch it i feel like its burned, its so sensitive! and its only on one spot the size of my palm. Its not red or itchy, and i wasnt biten by anything! what can it be? ...

 What is best to use to get rid of thrush?

 Cutting out verrucas with a knife???
I've just heard a load of people talking about the only way that their verrucas eventually disappeared was by soaking the foot in water first and then cutting them out with a knife - eventually ...

 INSTANT wart remover???????????
what can I use that isn't too expensive that will instantly remove my wart on my foot????...

 IF i dont see lice on my head cause i never get it, should i use a lice shampoo anyway?

 Can't get rid of head lice!?
My daughter picked hers up at school, and I have been treating her hair every week but it just doesn't go away. We use medication, and cover with a shower cap. I also soak her hair in a very ...

 Very little acne.......tips?
I got very little acne nowadays......I just wonder how can I make it better? I hate stuff like oxy cause it makes my face dry and I'm currently not using anything and haven't been ...

 Dry Cracked Heels!!! HElP?
I have really dry heels that crack open at times. They can be very painful. I put lotion on them and I do take care of my feet. Does anyone have any suggestions on creams or lotions that might ...

 Do I have skin cancer?
I'm 18 and I have been tanning in tanning beds for about 2 months.
Yesterday I noticed some white spots on my back.
It is really freaking me out.
My parents looked at it and told ...

 I have a lot of stretch marks all over my body and its really annoying me!?
i have a lot of stretchmarks on my shoulders,back, side, belly, butt and even my chest!im so disgusted about it?how can you deal with them?creams?what about laser?its really annoying!help!

 Please tell me how to get rid of a water blister fast!!!!?
pleasee help, i have a party tomorrow and i need to get rid of it ...

 Should i get my moles checked out?
i have always been covered in moles and it hasn't ever really bothered me.. the thing is that recently some of them have been itchy and started bleeding for no reason. should i get this checked ...

 Please help! it itches soo bad!?(best answer!)
i have had poison ivy the last two weeks. and it is going away now.
but my back and stomach itch CONSTANTLY. i never had any poison ivy on my back. i did on my stomach, but now the spots are ...

best product to forget about acne?!?!?!?!?!...

What causes eczema and what makes it pop up in different places?
I have eczema on the back of two of my fingers and now I'm getting it inside my elbow (where it bends). I also have a patch of it on the back of my leg. What causes it and why does it show up in such random places?

There are many types of eczema, but all of them are curable!
The best way to get rid of eczema is to find the source of were it came from and kill it from there, for more information I recommend visiting


and also


Eczema is caused by a lack of Vitamin E and dry skin. Avoid pool water. Always moisturize. My index finger has eczema too. I used to have it inside my elbows and other fingers. But they are all gone. Use steroid creams (prescribed by your doctor of course). Try shea butter for your skin. Use lotion with oatmeal. Use Ucerin cream for your hands. Do not let them stay dry. Eczema usually show up in joints (inside elbows and knees) and palm of hands (mostly fingers) and maybe feet. Use Aveeno cream (it has oatmeal formula). Hope this helps. It is not curable (Im mad about that). It's usually seasonal (usually summer for me). Might be winter for you. It's treatable by using the steps above. Good luck!

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