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 Skin care help, PLEASE?!?!?!?!?
When my face brwaks out due to allergies, it gets all scaley, scabby and dry and flakey. does andbody have and recondmondations to help keep my skin moist???
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 Nose bleeds anyone?
i used to get really bad nose bleeds. and they've grown offf a bit, but i still get em every once in a while. will they ever fully disapeer?...

 My whole family has allergies/asthma.I've heard all my life that moving out west(US) cures them.Is that true?
If it is and you could point me to some information about moving out west to cure allergies/asthma I would really appreciate it
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 My dad has a cold how do i help him?
only answer march 24...

 My girlfriend vegina is itching her she want to know what cream or medicine can stop it .?
it pains her when she use bathroom and there is no discharge....

 FOOOD that make me less tired?
i have been very tired lately. i was wondering if theres any food that can keep me engergized through the day. no caffein or taurine please. thanks in advance!...

 What kind of allergies do you have?

 Is my son allergic to cereal?
My son is 14 and we noticed about 6 years ago that when ever he eats cereal for breakfast (almost every day) he sneezes twice after he finishes eating it. Literally around 1 minute after he finishes. ...

 Is it possible my almost constant sneezing is caused by my PC?. When I sit at my PC I start SNE......EZING.?

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Channi... very funny...though hopefully not a loner!...

 What s the difference betwen soup and detergent?

 Why do I get allergic reactions to fruit?

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It only happens when the fruit is cut up into large chunks. And it osnt all the time......

 Wheat allergy?
Just discovred i have a wheat allergy.I miss bread and pasta sooo much and i have no idea what to eat that will fill me up?Any ideas?I am always so hungry because i can't have a sandwich or ...

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It gets kind of tingly and other foods taste odd ...

 How do you know what kind of allergies you have?
i am going to the doctors on monday to find out if i have anaphylactic shock, how do i know if you allergic to something? i mean if its a late reaction, do you wrtie everything you do down? cause if ...

 I think I have part of a popcorn seed stuck in my throat but can't seem to cough it up. What can I do?

 How to get rid of a clogged nose?
I've had it for a couple of days now and the nasal sprays don't work neither do meds. When im walking around or standing up for a while its fine,but when i sit or lay down for a while it ...

 Allergic to Wheat?
My doctor said I could be allergic to wheat. He took a few blood tests but wont be able to tell me for another 2 weeks. I have never been allergic to anything before. I thought people with allergies ...

 My Sinuses Are Killing Me!?
It's extremely hot outside and when it gets really humid outside, my sinsues run me crazy! I have tried everything... from laying down and putting the covers over my head, putting my face over ...

 My friend is allergic to nuts and I'm wondering if pine nuts count?
I want to make a pesto and not to sure if she would be ok to eat it.Or if i made a dessert with pine nuts??


 Does anyone get allergic reactions to the sheets in hotels??
i get horrid rash on my legs everytime i travel and trying to figure out where it's coming from. it's so strange. any ideas?...

Meeep Meeep
Food came out of my nose. Am I ok?
I was eating a cucumber and burped and felt it like 'bounce' up into my nose and I started trying to blow it and a small piece came out. I feel like I have more up there but I'm not sure. I've been blowing my nose and trying to clean it out with water but am feeling paranoid. Has this happened to anyone? What did you do? Will it come out by itself or is there something I should be doing? Will it close up my air passages? Help.

It probably went to your brain. soon you're gonna start hallucinating and go insane. you should go see a doctor. trust me this happened to a friend of mine.

i dont think you should worry to much but see a doctor just in case!
hope i helped!!!

That One Kid
um... I think you'll survive, if its not clear by tomorrow get an appointment.

Ed F
No big deal, quite common especially if your are eating and sneeze,
as the food goes through your nose.

it's happened to me before most likely it's nothing. unless you have any other serious symptoms i wouldn't bother seeing a doctor.

Ice Ice Baby
meep meep.hahaha thats a funny name
no you will be okay, when food came out of your nose did you go meep meep. LOL corny but funny
yes your okay, if it still hurts tomorow go see a doctor

That has happened to me.
once i was eating rice and i started laughing while I was eating and all of a sudden i felt as if my nose was clogged up. i blew my nose and when i looked at the napkin there was a piece of rice there. Nothing happened to me and it was just one piece of rice. If i were you i would be to worried and because it was cucumber i'd be less worried. Once my brother stuck a bean up his nose and with all the mucous up his nose that bean started to expand. they had to go to the doctor to remove the bean. Im pretty sure cucumbers don't expand so don't worry.
so if i were you just keeping blowing your nose daily.

Hope that helps =)

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