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Rick B
What will Medi-Cal pay for Dental?
I am getting Medi-Cal in CA. I want braces, how much will it cost and can I get the clear bracket braces? I don't want invislign or anything but like the clear braces and not the tin can ones lol

please let me know if you know guys =)

i have yet to hear of any medicaid program cover braces because it is a cosmetic procedure
most of the time medicaid will only cover a emergancy tooth pulling (except in oregon where they will cover basic dental)

you can call medi-cal directly and ask them to explain what they will cover

sK8eRgUrL D
u have to look for a place where a dental office takes medi-cal .. they'll probably cover half of it but u have to pay the rest where i work we refer people who have medi-cal to a dentist that accepts medi-cal

Hi, I just got this directly from the website for you:

Medi-Cal currently covers a comprehensive package of dental benefits for both children and adults. Covered services include diagnostic and preventive services such as examinations and prophylaxis (cleaning), restorative services such as fillings, and oral surgery services. Some services, such as crowns, dentures and root canals require prior authorization, and some services such as dental sealants, fluoride applications and limited orthodontic care are covered only for children under age 21.


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