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Can a person be suddenly allergic to chicken ?
my friend is 21 and he coughed for like 20 minutes after eating chicken and that happened the last time he ate chicken ( only TWICE ) in his life... Umm what does that mean ?

if those were the first two times that he ate chicken then it might not have taken affect until the second time because of memory cells. but if he has eaten chicken prior to this than it's most likely that he just chews like a retard and it rubbed his epiglottis wrong which caused swelling and that could make him choke for awhile after words.

I don't know. But I drank milk for 26 years then one day it started making me sick. I haven't had any for over 20 years now.

you cant really be allergic to a meat

Ashley VMR
Allergies can spring up at any point in your life. Just recently, I had a severe allergic reaction to my laundry detergent. Then not too long after, had a similar reaction to medical grade adhesive bandages. Doctors told me that allergies are basically trial and error...either you figure it out or you don't! If you know what it is, I simply suggest stearing clear of chicken!

It only takes eating or having contact with something one time to set up a histaminic reaction (allergic). He is most probably allergic to eggs. On the other hand the coughing may not have been an allergic reaction but something close to choking due to not chewing the food properly. If he has any reason to doubt, have him see a physician (allergist) who can properly test him for this allergy.

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