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Is there a good home remedy for a headache that will not go away after trying almost everything ?
I am already on some pain medications and I am currently using a heating pad with very minimal help.Even the Excedrin Migraine that has always worked in the past, isn't working now. This headache has been almost nonstop for over a week and at times even makes me feel sick at my stomach .I have a Dr. appt. but today is Sunday. Any suggestions ?

Michael F
Yes.................Divorce her

go to bed

This works for me everytime.....

Do this

Wait untill nightime, then go in the bathroom, dim the lights, take a bubble bath in very very hot water(but not to hot that its just to painful to get in),put on some very relaxing music(optional) , take 2 very very hot washcloths and massage your temples.... one washcloth in one hand and one in the other.And just massage your temples..... maybe you can even put a facial on or something!

But the trick is... the only reason why i say ver very hot water is because, it relaxes you and it makes the blood surculate throughout your body, so the blood will surculate through you head and temples too.

I really really hope you feel better!

And I hope this helps!!!

Paramedic Girl
Stop taking the pain relievers... you are likely getting rebound pain (which is from constant use of pain relievers and it causes worse pain). If you can stop taking any for 12 hours, you will likely start to feel better.

As well, use a hot water bottle on your lower back and a cool cloth on your forehead while you lay in a dark, quiet room...try to nap if you can.

Also, keep yourself hydrated with water and a bottle of Gatorade.

Sip cold water, avoid stress and being on the pc wont help.

Good you are seeing the doc, long term headaches need to be checked out.

Here have a hug xx

Da Vinci
You display classic symptoms of a migraine. That said, there are many solutions you can pursue. Firstly, I highly recommend you pin-point the root of the problem - sometimes electrical lights (tube lights), stress, wine, chocolate, sugar, etc can be the culprit. You may also be dehydrated. It's crucial to stay well hydrated everyday...especially on hot ones! You'll be surprised how quickly a headache can creep up on you when you're dehydrated.

You should also lose the heat pad. I think that will only make things worse for you. As an alternative to heat, try a cool cloth. You may find it will help much more than a heat pad.

If you always get these headaches, try the following to pin-point them; on the day you suffer from a headache, try to remember what you did the previous day. Did you drink wine, have copious amounts of sugar, or forget to drink water? Where were you, what did you do? Did you smell something you didn't like? Asking these questions can be extremely helpful sometimes.

However, if this doesn't work, it may helpful to see a doctor. My personal recommendation is to visit a naturopathic doctor (ND). An ND will help you identify the route of the problem rather than just suggesting pills.

Although I'm guilty of it myself, on unbearable days, I do take pills. However, I don't recommend it. There are too many long-term impacts and if one is not careful, an addiction can result.

Hope this was helpful.

Yngwie M
Stop the meds and just relax. Massage your temples.

It always helps me to get in a hot bath tub to soak for an hour or so. Also, I have some very strong peppermint lotion that I rub on my forehead and my temples. It is strong which means it tingles. Yes, of course you can take pain meds, those may help too. When I get really bad headaches I like to take the Goody's headache powder. You shake it up in a bottle and drink it down. With it being powder form it helps dissolve quicker to start working faster.

Otherwise... when I get those headaches I reach for as much comfort foods and drinks as possible. I have a sweet tooth, so I go for sodas or energy drinks, chocolate, cookies, etc...

I hope you get to feeling better. I know the pain you are in!

Thanks for reading!

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