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 What do you do to relieve stress and relax?
So, I'm 17 years old and I have two jobs.
I work at a Golf course on the weekdays after school, and I work for a Catering Company on some weekends.

I'm always stressed ...

 How do i get over the loss of a loved one?
i reacently lost my baby neice who i loved like my own she was 7 weeks old and i cant stop the pain from hurting i miss her so much has any one got any tips on how to get over something like this ...

 I know I'm depressed but I hate counseling and don't want drugs what else is there?
I've been depressed for over 3 years. I hate going to counseling because we talk about feelings. I am afraid of drugs because of addiction. I can't think of anything else. My stress level ...

 How do you combat depression without anti-depressants?
Is it possible? Any advice? I've heard about acupuncture working but I have a terrible fear of needles and can't do it.
Additional Details
It's so awesome to see so many ...

 How do you say goodbye?
my brother died this week and I am half a world away among strangers and feeling really crappy....

 To all those who think that i am silly to want suicide but this being the third and final time?
i dont need any sob story but the way how not oh dont be stupid and what a nutter you are until youve been there dont ...

 A 5 year old who writes letters and numbers backward (sometimes). Is that an early sign of any disorder?
Dyslexia or something along those lines. He'll also sometimes say his address backward....

 What is stressing you out at the moment in your life?
it seems like one worry goes away and another is there to take it's place. how do you become "stress free"?...

 I Have A Cutting Problem?
I Don't Get It. I Have Friends And I Do Ok In School, But Whenever I Start To Feel Low I Feel Really Really Bad And I Have To Cut My Wrists To Makes Me Feel Better Please Help I Want To Stop.<...

 Im suicidal help!?
i have been so upset latley with my life i feel like i have nothing left to live for. i see nothing in my future .. and i find nothing enjoyable , i am running out of fun amusing things to do so i ...

 Aged 27, does life get better?

I live alone which can be a struggle and lonely some times, I split up with long term financee a couple of years back. Since then I had small relationships which have ended up in heart ...

 Want to Kill Myself.....?
Recently I've been having very strong feelings of despair, worthlessness, etc.
I have a girlfriend who I love very much, and I tell her about these feeling and she is very ...

 Do i need help or is it natural?
i don't want to see a doctor or tell my parents but i think there might be somthing wrong, like three weeks ago i really upset my grandparents when i got angry @ them trying to run my life and ...

 I just popped four valliums and a bendrly along with a bottle of winek how shojuld i be feeling?

Additional Details
,my typing is bad because cant ses ...

 What can i do? i am so worried about everything all the time?
I am so worried about everything i can help it. I try not 2 be like that but i just am. when my grandpa died my life went down hil.
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i am depressed alot 2 and i have a ...

 What are you thinking about right now!?
im thinking about a certain someone....oo i love him but ooo i hate him too so confusing!!...

 Iam very depressed. What reason is there to be happy?

 I need your help!?
If you could, could you read some of my questions and info. about the 14 year old boy. My husband found some stuff in his pants a few days ago. I talked to him about this and my husband has kicked ...

what do you think about it?...

 Is anyone as lonely and depressed as me this christmas eve?
I am watching repeats of british sitcoms at 6pm on christmas eve on my own and I feel gut-wrenchingly lonely and depressed. Anyone else feel like this?
Additional Details
Some of your ...

How Many Sleeping Pills Do I Have To Take To Kill Myself?

RodneyMullen adict
Please don't do it!!! ;)

ninja man
DO IT ******

why would you want to kill yourself? may i help you get past those thoughts? do not do that

I don’t know nothing about it, and I don’t know what happen around you, but…Personally read any part of these messages have helped me in my personal life, for my consolation to the suffering of everyday happenings.
Read especially year 1997


Everybody dies.

Why are you in such a hurry.

There are new chemicals that have just been researched which completely obliterate long term memories. Rather than extinguishing your existence, you should pursue the eradication of memory.

Existence only comes along once. Forgetting everything only comes along as often as the suicidal impulse, and the knowledge of advanced chemistry.

If you feel bad because you can't buy it off the shelf, hold on for ten years and move to the netherlands. They legalize everything first.

ok dont do that i will be really upset if u do and i might start crying thats really really really dumb i dont know what you are going through but work through and dont be a quiter okay!!! =D

Mike Hunt
I would just try the whole bottle. It makes the death a lot faster and less painful. I would know! I've killed myself that way!

That doesn't matter. You don't need to know that. No one does. Just try to focus on things that make you happy and talk to people you can trust. Suicide isn't the answer. Life is worth living. Heck, talk to a counselor! Life will get better.

You only need 1. That will let you rest and then tomorrow rethink all of this because I don't care what the problem is, there is help, there is hope and there are people that care. I am one of them.

You are here for a purpose.
Never, ever give up.
Count your blessings.
Take life one day at a time.
Keep the faith.
God loves you and has a plan for your life.

why would you ask this? No one is going to give you a serious answer.
If you want to kill yourself that is fine and dandy but don't involved other people that is just selfish and screams attention seeker!

It depends on what they tare, your body weight, and how your system reacts to them. It's easier with acetominophen, which is also easier to get. It isn't a very good way to go. I recommend that you find a good friend and discuss why you are asking this question. Consider this: Will whatever is bothering you still be bothering you in a year? If not, don't do it. It's is very selfish.

BP, clean up now
you must have a really miserable life.

It isn't worth killing yourself... your life will get better.

Mojo Ryzon
all of em

Sleeping pills have an ABYSMAL rate of success. I would suggest you not do it that way - you'll end up imprisoned in a mental hospital with permanent liver and possibly brain damage.

A shitload. Mine as well just dive off a building. Its fast, exhillerating, and instant.

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