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Can you get diabetes for taking 10 mg prednisone for 14 days?
hey everybody just finished taking 10 mg prednisone for 14 days for a contact dermatitis was taking 6 for 4 days then 5 for 2 days etc etc dosages kept on going down can i get diabetes with that kinda of paranoid please honest answers thanks

No, you can't get diabetes from prednisone, or any other medicine that I know of. Diabetes is a result of genetic predisposition/lifestyle choices (type 2) or an autoimmune disease (type 1).

I highly, highly doubt you have diabetes, but a quick trip to the doctor for a simple test will answer the question for you.

Miz Lamb
Short answer is YES, corticosteroids can and do cause diabetes. Read the accompanying facts sheet that came with your prednisone.

A lot of how soon you get diabetes is how often you have to do the titrated pred and how many times you have already done it, per doctors orders.

But usually this is for severe asthma or other bronchial problems and breathing is so much better than not breathing that it is sort of worth it.

My doc doesn't understand that the inhaled corticosteroids do a number on glucose too.

prednisone can raise your blood sugar but generally doesn't make you diabetic with short-term use. if you were on steroids all the time, long-term, you could get "steroid-induced diabetes". since you're on a tapering dose, you're not at current risk of diabetes from prednisone.

That is called a Taper Dose of Steroids, and it is the safest way to be given steroids for an immediate problem that requires it. It is NOT very likely to cause you to become diabetic. It is long term high dose steroids that can cause the problem. 60 mg is far from High Dose!!! 60 mg was your maximum dose (taking 6 tablets). If you are still concerned, your physician can always run a Lab Test to check for Diabetes.

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