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Is mono really the "kissing disease"?
Can you really get mono from kissing? How do you get it?

♥ His Truly
ya, you can also get it from water fountains and sharing drinks...

Well, I had mono but I didn't get it from kissing. My boyfriend at the time never got mono from me, but some people are immune from the disease as they were exposed to it as children and never showed the same symptoms that teens and adults get. I was 19 and I was so tired and in bad shape for about 2 months that I had to drop half of my classes!

You can get mono from someone sneezing next to you on the bus who has it, or sharing a water bottle with an infected person.

Yah...you can even get it by drinking after someone who has it.

Mononucleosis is a virus that is transfered by a few ways. It is commonly transfered via saliva, so yes that is how you can get it. If you can avoid that virus, please.


Patty T
Yes mono, infectious mononucleosis, is indeed "kissing disease"
you get it from saliva, (Infected), Kissing or drinking fountains, eating or drinking after someone. If you think you have it see a Dr. soon. God bless you.

Yes you can. It's transmitted in spit, snot, all the liquids that come from your mouth. I personally caught it from where I worked. I was single and certainly hadn't kissed anyone in months, I just picked it up from someone coughing or sneezing. I worked at a doc's office. I suggest doing everythign you can to not get it. I truly have never in my life been sicker... I would have considered welcoming death those 2 weeks.

Yes, you can get it from kissing if the person you kiss has mono; it is contagious and can be passed orally. If you have a sore throat with white spots on it, see a doctor right away and have the test; that will determine whether or not you have it.

Mononucleosis is easily transferred through mucos secretions such as kissing and eating/drinking after someone who is ill.

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