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Devilishly Sexy Occulty
What's the best way for a really lazy guy to get ripped and shredded fast?
I want to look good, but I don't want to exercise or watch what I eat.

How can I look like one of those veiny, freaky muscular dudes in the fitness magazines without working at it?


frenzy the fickle Gyllenhaalic

india lima foxtrot, beeotches
Use those protein shakes that Cartman had.

Resident BadBeast
A tree-shredder?

you cant be serious..

There are some great guides out there that can help you achieve what you want. Take a look at http://www.gutfat.com for some great info.

Elana Dykewomon
Stand next to a really, really out of shape guy. You'll look great!

Step one - get active! start doing something. You don't have to exercise, movement burns calories. try being more active!

Don`t exercise or watch what you eat, eh? Simple. Don't eat. You'll drop weight fast. The muscle just comes with the weight loss ;]

The Reverend Soleil
@Instant Star -- that chick totally ripped off Strong Bad...

Instant Star Baby

You can try that until the 'roids kick in. Yeah buddy, all the chicks will be knocking on your door.

Rev. She was, in all actuality, making fun of this chick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pVmmsuuc5U&NR=1

I can sort of see why.

little miss overachiever
Here is the secret that can help any really lazy guy get ripped....

...are you ready for this because it's truly amazing...

...like honestly however found this out must be a genuis...

...the only thing that this really lazy guy needs to do is...



Just Effin Smurfy
copy and paste

Scuzzy Logic
Ripped and shredded sure mean something different here.

So just go with what it means to me, real stoned and drunk. That's easy to do.

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