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 Toilet Paper?
I have recently found that I have an allergy to toilet paper, and after using various wet brands, I have found that Izal toilet paper is the only product that seems to help. Although it has cleared ...

 Does anyone know any non-antihistamine allergy relief products?
I am having allergy skin tests in a few days... and im not allowed to have any antihistamines 4 days prior....

 I need help for my daughters severe ezcema?
She has seen every kind of doctor, no one can give her relief except when she's on steriods but she ca't take those all the time. She takes allergy meds, asthma meds and uses several ...

 Lactose Intolerance?
Is it possible to be able to drink one glass of skim milk without a problem, but then drink two more and have extreme, watery diarrhea?...

 Hives and gluten????
ive been suffering from bad hives since 31st jan.... along with swollen lips occasionally, swollen hands and feet.....been hospital and doctors numerous times...ive sort of got it under control with ...

 Have you ever heard of anyone that is allergic to caffeine?
What are the symptoms?...

 Am suffering from a skin disorder, falling beard hair in round patches. what is the name of this disorder?

Additional Details
can anyone suggest a good treatment for that? ...

 Can people be allergic to certain types of dogs even though they do not have allergies to dogs?
I have had dogs all my life with no allergies. But they have mainly been from the terrier group. We recently bought a beagle and I have been coughing and wheezing. Can you be allergic to certain ...

 My Nose Is Stuffy But The Snot Is So Thick It Wont Come Out?
I Bought Musinex But That Only Cleared It Out For A Little Bit, I Just Wanna Get It Out My System! Can Anyone Help Me!...

 What does everyone think about Mcdonalds lieing about wheat in their fries?
Personally I think its disgusting the way they tried covering it up!Food allergies are a serious thing!They could have caused severe harm to someone,and they dont even care because they are trying to ...

 If I'm allergic to codeine, should I be allergic to vicodin (read more)?
Well, the last 2 times I've tooken vicodin(1 500mg, another 750mg), I've had really bad experiences.

At first, it makes me really dizzy, and shaky.
Then it makes me feel ...

 Why do allergy pills that are NOT suppose to make me tired exhaust me to the point of vegetable?
Prescripiton pills. The doctor insistes I am nuts when I tell them it is like my blood stops the next day. "No. Not possible. These do not make you tired."...

 Can seasonal allergies give you a fever??

 I am taking 2-3 prescription medicines for sinues/allergies, would smoking marijuana do any harm? Please help!

 Hubby allergic to dogs?
my future husbands allergic to dogs but i at least want a couple! (short hairs dalmation and pit/wimeriner) what can we do about this!
Additional Details
he is pretty much like you R...

 An bhuil cead agaim dul go dhi an leatharais ma shea do hulla?

 My son has hives that come & go but he had no change in diet. Could this be something else causing this?

 Can you be allergic to rabbit fur if it is on a coat?

 Do allergy medicine make your mouth dry?

 Allergic reaction to pineapple?
I understand that none of you are doctors and the only way I can tell for sure what happened is if I consult one, bla bla. but If you could please tell me if this SOUNDS like an allergic reaction.

is it possible to become allergic to a medication that you've never been allergic to before?
a medication that I've taken before was Amoxicillin, an antibiotic. is it possible to become allergic to it later on in life? i've used it in the passed many times when i've become sick as a child.

Keketso T
Yes, and not only medicine, all sorts of things.

definately yes!!
i became allergic to general medication such as - annadin, paracetomol etc when i was in my 20's. when i had my kids there wasn't really anything i could have accept 'dehydracodene' for back pain. couldnt even have general cold medicines or anything. was never allergic before. yet im in my 30's now and can take them again with no ill effects now.
i used to work in a chemist, and the pharmacist said you can become allergic at any age in your life to any medication. this can also reverse. its weird!

Your body chemistry changes every 7 years so yes you can have allergic reactions to things you have never been allergic to in the past

Noota Oolah
Yes. Amoxicillin is a common allergen. I'm allergic as well.

You can develop an allergy at any point in your life and they can happen over night.

I'm allergic to Celebrex, first time I took it my head and neck were just one big blistering rash... OUCH!

Yes, you can become allergic to anything at any time.

Yes it is. I know a couple of people that happened to.

It is possible to develop over time (years) an intolerance for foods/medications.
It's a lot more common than you might think.


My Dad, who is in his 60s, recently went to the allergist because of what he thought was an allergy to MSG. It turns out that he is allergic to penicillin, ibuprofen, and a bunch of foods, including wheat gluten. This came from out of the blue.

Yes! Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. He/she will be able to determine whether you have an allergy, and if so, how to combat bacterial infections in the future. But the allergy onset can be immediate.

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